SMARCH WORLD is a concept within a sphere of contrasts. 

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark working in textile, interiors, natural- and artificial dyes, snacks and much more. 

SMARCH WORLD is complimenting and honoring fabrics
in a universe of classical and contemporary, flat and shaped, draped and graphical, soft and hard, woven and non-woven.

A radical yet comfortable investigation into brand identity, concept, tendencies and storytelling
visualized through vibrant performance, installation, events and wearables.

SMARCH WORLD is creating tactile and interactive transformations that are tailored for you.

(it’s a service)

the team spirit

We engage movement and people and explore how we interact with the products and materials surrounding us.

We see textiles as a way to highlight identity. With two experienced minds working as a team, focusing on their skills,
SMARCH WORLD is a bridge between function and abstraction.

We tell your story.

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